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I have a small but pretty nice room in Brussels-St. Catherine. From the window I can see the spinning wheel of the christmas market at marche-au-porcs. However, I can only hope that my neighbours are non-native. Anything else would cast a strange light on the Brusselians. Yesterday night, around 3am, two blokes, pissed to the gills, tried for half an hour to open my door, even after I told them that they confused my room with theirs. They then began to discuss lively the issue of whether their room could have magically moved, while I was trying to sleep. This morning, the fat one of them banged on my door like mad.
When I let him in, I saw that he was almost naked. He ran straight to my bathroom and relieved himself, leaving a fierce alcoholic stench. At least he said "thank you, Sir" before leaving (deliberately, after all). Then, he must have suffered some bout of amnesia. Because after a minute, it banged again, and whith a sense of aggressive urgency, fatty yelled "open the door immediately". I am usually friendly, but addressed this way, my politeness has limits. This time, I let him knock and called the reception to take care of him. It turned out that the naked guy (who called for some breath mints by the way) within a minute had again forgotten that the room he had intruded into was not his. I am only hoping that now he figures. And maybe gets dressed.

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